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Little League Pledge

  • Parents should look to purchase:
    • Baseball/softball pants, belt, and socks (color to be decided by team and league)
  • Parents or league guardian should also look to purchase the following equipment for their Little Leaguer(s):
    • Ball glove
    • Batting gloves (if desired)
    • Rubber-soled cleats (juniors can wear metal cleats)
    • Backpack or equipment bag (if desired)
  • Suggestions on choosing equipment can also be found through DICK’S Pro Tips.

When considering the equipment to be used in a Little League game, be sure to inspect its condition throughout the season. If league-provided equipment becomes damaged and/or a safety concern arises, bring it to the attention of the team manager or a member of the Board of Directors, so that it can be immediately addressed. Parents are also strongly encouraged to assess the condition of their player’s equipment to help ensure it is in good condition and safe to use.

Team Jersey or T-shirt
Provided by Brookings Harbor Little League.
Team jerseys will be distributed to the team before the first game.

Team Hat/ Visor
Provided by Brookings Harbor Little League.
Hats will be distributed to the team before the first game.

Baseball/ Softball pants are not provided by the league, except for majors, juniors, and 50/70 division. Team manager will select the color based on team colors. Baseball pants come in three basic colors (grey, black, white.) It is always a good idea to have game and practice pants, but this is optional.

Uniform socks for baseball are not required and not provided by the league. 

The uniform belt is not required and not provided by the league. .

Baseball/ Softball gloves are required and NOT PROVIDED by the league. Gloves are required for both practices and games. Avoid buying an oversized glove. Beginners should stick to a smaller glove for additional control. It does take time to break in your new glove. No matter what you do, most will agree that the most effective way to break in a baseball glove is by using it. Most gloves have the pre-measured size stamped inside where the pocket is. Below are general sizes:
Tee Ball.....  9-10
Infield........  10-11.75
Pitcher.......  11.5-12.25
Outfield.....  11.5-12.25

Batting Gloves
Batting gloves are optional and a personal preference of the player.

Rubber soled cleats are required and not provided by the league. Cleats with metal spikes are not permitted for Intermediate (50/70) and below.  Players in the Junior/Senior divisions are permitted metal cleats/spikes.

Batting Helmet
The league does provide a limited number of batting helmets for each team.
If players families purchase one their own for their personal use, they must have a faceguard for all divisions except t-ball.

Athletic Supporters
All male players playing in divisions higher than Tee Ball must wear an athletic supporter for their protection. This is a Little League rule, not a local rule and therefore must be enforced.

Equipment Bag
Equipment bags are an optional item but are very nice to have. The player can put all of their gear & water in the bag and hang it on the dugout fence. This item can be used for several seasons.

Baseballs and Softballs are provided to the teams by the league.
All balls must meet Little League requirements.

Some bats will be provided by the league. Should you wish to purchase one for your player, make sure it is Little League Approved.

  • Baseball bats must meet the USABat Standard for Tee Ball, Minor, and Major Divisions (Rule 1.10)
  • Baseball must meet the USABat Standard or BBCOR for Intermediate, Junior, and Senior Divisions (Rule 1.10)
  • Softball must be stamped with BPF 1.20 (Rule 1.10)
  • Visit for more information.

Catcher's Gear
Brookings Harbor Little League will provide all required catchers gear for each team.
Catchers MUST wear approved long or short model chest protectors. All catchers must wear chest protectors with the neck collar, throat guard, shin guards and catcher's helmet, all of which must meet Little League specifications and standards. All catchers must wear a mask, "dangling" type throat protector and catcher's helmet during infield/outfield practice, pitcher warm-up and games.

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